Sunday, April 17, 2011


We are blessed to live on an amazing block with great neighbors. When the weather is nice, the kids spend the weekends running around together while the grown ups tackle various yard projects, alone or communally.

Today the guys felled a tree. It was a trip to watch. I really enjoy seeing the different personalities at play. We've got one neighbor who will volunteer for any project, and he's especially game if he gets to climb a ladder. A couple of weeks ago he volunteered to clean a neighbor's gutters. Today, he was the guy at the top of the tree, right up against the power lines, sawing off the top branches with his left hand. He is not left handed.

My husband is left handed, but is not one to balance precariously atop a tree growing into power lines. He was holding the guide rope. The other lefty, the owner of the tree, was off buying beer.

I am happy to report that the tree is down and that no fences, husbands, or children were harmed in the process.

Way to go guys!

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